Caring for People and the World we live in

Caring for people in our parish, for people elsewhere and for the environment.

Caring For People

Bags of Joy waiting to be distributed one Christmas.

Pastoral support for the people of the parish of Cobham  is an important part of sharing God’s love and is part of what it means to be a parish church in the Church of England. We have a pastoral team of both clergy and lay pastoral visitors who are able to listen, pray and perhaps help find support for people from other agencies, if appropriate.

Please contact the Parish Office or any member of the Clergy team in the first instance.

Our Faith & Social Action Projects

Caring For Our Planet

Silver Eco-Church Award

St Andrew’s achieved recognition as an Eco-Congregation in 2012 and the award was extended for a further three years in 2016. The Eco-Congregation scheme was then superseded by Eco-Church.

No doubt, our previous award helped us skip Bronze and go straight to gaining a Silver level Eco-Church Award in 2020.

These are schemes run by the Christian environmental charity A Rocha in partnership with the Church of England, Christian Aid & others.

Be a Wild Christian

One of A Rocha’s projects is “Wild Christian – Connecting Faith, Nature and Climate“.

A Rocha UK’s Wild Christian scheme is a community of families and individuals exploring the connections between our Christian faith, the natural environment, and how we live.

Here’s a link to a recent email update.

Reflect biblically – Act boldly – Connect with nature in a new way.